You've gone through a lot of trouble to get a great website, now you want to be sure that people can find it. With all the different types out there, Search Engine Positioning is truly a jungle. can simplify that for you by getting you comprehensive submission across dozens of search engines and by making sure you get the placement you deserve. On top of submitting your site, we will help optimize your pages to make them better suited for searches. By including proper coding, keywords, and special pages, we can help ensure that your site will be easy to find and properly listed.

With so many variables involved, can help you wade through the mess of search engine positioning. We will maintain, monitor and continue to submit your site throughout the year. We will provide key word analysis that shows what your customers are searching for and how well you are being listed. Contact us today, and we will give you a search engine analysis of your site for free.


Crawler-based Search Engines
These engines, like Google and WebCrawler, crawl through millions of sites sorting out names, addresses and keywords to create a database. Having your pages optimized helps these crawlers find and properly list your site.

Human-powered Directories
Like Yahoo and Open, these sites take submissions for their listing, usually for a fee. You may submit suggestions for your listing and a short description. Editors then check your description and your site and place you in the category they feel is appropriate.

Pay-per-click Directories
This service, mainly used by Overture, requires you to place a bid on your site's position for various keywords. When someone searches for your word, the listings are given in order of highest bid. You are only charged your bid when someone clicks to visit your site.

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