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Since internet technology is constantly changing, you need to have the latest software in order to get the most out of the web. The following links will help you upgrade your software with the latest free updates.

The best thing for Windows users to do is run the Microsoft Update listed below and then make sure you have the latest version of Internet Explorer and Flash.

Web Browser Updates
Microsoft Internet Explorer
The most used web-browser
Netscape Navigator
A strong alternative for Internet Explorer

Macromedia Flash Player
A must have plug-in for either browser

Adobe Acrobat Reader
To view PDF documents
Media Player Updates
Windows Media Player
For pages with video and music
RealOne Player
For Real Media Streams
Apple's Streaming Video Player
Other Updates
Microsoft Windows Update
Scans your computer for any needed updates
Microsoft Office Update
Scans for Office Suite updates
Apple Computer
Updates and downloads for Mac users
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